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Welcome to DJ Bally International

All entertainment companies and in particular, DJs, are not created equal! We have different personalities and different priorities when it comes to your celebration.

Our reputation speaks for itself! We are Elegant, Experienced, Professional, Reliable and most of all FUN. Your celebration will be recognized as a superior event dues to its organization, flow and elegance, which we will have helped you create!

Read our weddings page to understand why we are different and read what past clients have to say about us.

Personal advice from Balvinder Singh ( DJ Bally):

Every site you will go to will say the same kind of things: "Professional", "State of the Art Equipment" "All our clients loved our work, and you will too!", etc. etc. So how can you differenciate and come to a sound decision, such that you can relax, knowing that you have hired the best and will deliver value that exceeds their charges?

The only sound un-biased advise I can give you is to:

Ask Questions! I find most clients are not prepared with questions. Take the time to prepare questions about what is important to you! Even something as simple as, "What will you wear to each event?" If you need help with questions, ask "I am new to this, so what questions should I be asking you?", and see what they say. If you still need help, keep reading and ask me!

* DO NOT make PRICE your primary consideration. It should be a factor, but not initially. VALUE should be your number one consideration!

* Do your due diligence, ask around. I don't mean just past clients. Ask other industry professionals.

* Understand that Industry professional have alliances, so ask questions that will allow them to give you true un-biased opinions.

* Ask questions from each company that shows how involved and dedicated they are to the profession. Just as Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers have industry associations, national conventions, training seminars etc., we in the DJ entertainment industry have as well.

* Ask the banquet facilities, not just about who they like but also about any issues they may have had with past vendors. Find out who will be the banquet captain the day of your event, and ask them. By this I mean that the sales person most likely will not be present at actual events, and so may know nothing about actual performance or any past issues.

* Does the company work with a legal and binding contract that protects your rights or only those of the vendor.

* You should be concerned about equipment failure. So Ask about backup equipment. At the actual event, ask to see the backup equipment. Also, ask to see the Tool kit. Yes the TOOL KIT. Most failures are minor and a handy tool kit with the right odds and ends will get it fixed and keep your celebration on track. I used to just have one tool box. Now I bring two additional large "carry-on" size bags full of computer odds and ends and cables of all types. We can never have enough adaptors, cables and fuses. A computer should have two backup computers, and one backup hard drive for every hard drive in the main computer. I can't emphasize enough, that as entertainers, it is our job, should a problem arise, to fix the problem without your guests ever knowing that there was a problem!!! A backup computer sitting in a bag under the table is useless unless it is plugged in and ready to go immediately.

* Ask to see picture of the DJ’s setup. Look for loose wires showing on tables or on the floor. Why spend money on decor if the DJ’s setup is going to be visually messy?


July 23rd & 24th, 2010.

Hello Dear Bali,

“You did amazing job at my daughter's wedding, as expected. Music was great at all the events. Thank you for incorporating our last minute requests into the agenda. You did your job in a very professional manner. Uplighting was done very beautifully for the reception. We all loved it. Spot lighting was used as requested. All the set up was done correctly and timely.”

You coordinated with all our vendors in the best possible way under the circumstances. You worked with us tirelessly. I couldn't have asked for more.

Dr's Sumit & Barkha Ahluwalia
Sangeet on Friday the 23rd, Wynfry Hotel,
Birmingham AL
Wedding and Reception on Saturday the 24th,
Wynfry Hotel, Birmingham AL